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ITK Newsletter, no. LXXXVIII: LUNAR-PICK CLASSIC COMIC REVIEW! - Moon Knight Vol. 1, #5

May 10, 2019

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Hey there Loonies!

This newsletter is coming out a little late, but have no fear, we've got a show sorted for you which I'm keen to record over the weekend and share with you as soon as it's in the can!

Similar to last week (though we were heavily side tracked by our discussion of that wee little film called Avengers Endgame) we keep things relatively simple, and return to our roots, with a classic comic issue on offer for this week -




There'll also be a new guest on our show who I'm quite excited to chat with - it's Adam Barnhardt: writer of comic book articles and one of the hosts for the Marvel News Desk podcast!

I recently discovered Adam is a huge Moon Knight fan, so I wanted to have him on the show so we could talk shop (so to speak). Adam has alot of knowledge of the Marvel world (both in front and behind the scenes) so I'll be picking his brain on how he sees Moon Knight fit into the ever growing cinematic and TV universe - as a fan, I'm sure he has plenty of ideas, and it'll also be very cool to review a classic Doug Moench issue with him..!

I'll add this to the show notes of the show itself, but you can catch Adam on The Marvel News Desk and on the MND podcast, or on his Twitter account at @adambarnhardt .

In other news around the Loony Traps, you may have noticed that the ITK Community has formed a Division for the Fantasy Comic League, a really fun and cool way to meld your love for both comic books and fantasy leagues!

A fully sanctioned Division, you can read all about our team, #ITKMoonKnight2019 in one of the articles we published earlier this week, 

Fantasy Comic League May-August 2019

I'll circulate once again a Discussion Thread on Moon Knight Vol.1, issue #5, which you can leave your thoughts and we'll read them out and discuss on the show...

As always, you can reach us on ANY of the below social media platforms - please do drop us a line - we always love to hear from fellow Loonies...and we'll definitely give you a shout out on the show!!

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

We are slowly creeping in on our 100th episode - I don't now about you, but I'm very excited! If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to hear on the show, please don't hesitate to drop us a line too! We'll see if we can make it happen! There's no shortage of ideas though, and so it falls on execution as the crux which will determine whether the show can be as big as I want it to be!!

Anyway, I better stop hollering before I give anything away!....Hope to catch you at our next episode and hope to hear form you in and around our community - 

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective