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ITK Newsletter, no. CXVI: LUNAR-PICK Review - Conan Serent War #2 + Moon Knight Vol. 1 issue #10

Dec 18, 2019

Hi Loonies!

Another newsletter for your hot little hands, right here, right now!

It seems quite luxurious to have such a long time between releasing an episode and writing a newsletter (we dropped our latest show with special guest, Caden Butera) but fear not, I’ve not been sitting idle!

As mentioned recently, I’ve been quietly writing up some reviews in advance for our ITK Moon Knight Chronology reviews which will be released in January 2020 through Paint Monk’s Library. Not only that, but I’ve also been tinkering away at the next ITK Serial episode of THE HUNT FOR KHONSHU’S GOLDEN SCEPTRE (more on that later), as well as recording our last show for my brother podcast, LAST SONS OF KRYPTON - A SUPERMAN PODCAST.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy time - even more so than usual for the end of the year coming.

So, what is in store for the upcoming episode I assume you are all thinking? Well, we got alot more than you may have initially bargained for, because it occurred to me earlier in the week, that we have a new comic to review!


Written by Jim Zub

Art by Scot Eaton and Vanessa Del Rey

Not only that, but as mentioned at the ending of our last episode, we’ll also have a LUNAR-PICK Classic Run Review, with special guest Knol ‘Loony Toonz’ Tate! Knol and I prerecorded this ahead of time, and I was thinking whether to hold off on it for another week or so...but we discuss some very relevant things for the upcoming weekend, so it’s best that I include our chat in this upcoming episode!


The reason that I want to still include our pre-recorded chat, is that Knol and I talk about Deleter’s upcoming gig on Saturday 21st December and the MPLS Eagle 34 Club!

Flyer is as shown below, and seriously, if you are in the Minneapolis area, and are a hardened Loony, then please consider going and supporting Knol’s great band!

Apart from the cool toonz you’ll get on Saturday, our ITK episode will include a chat with Knol who is always entertaining to talk with and it’s actually the first time we have Knol on the show to review a comic - 

LUNAR-PICK Classic Comic Review


Written by Doug Moench

Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

So plenty of reviewing up ahead with what appears to be an already action-packed episode! My partner in crime, Connorshu should also be back in the ssaddle, so it should make for a fun episode!

But it doesn't stop there!.....


So I’ve almost completed editing another fun-filled episode of our serial (be sure to drop us a line if you want to be part of the ITK Universe! :)...Come January, opportunities to be part of the serial will form part of the package for a Pateron until then, I’m opening it up to all the Loonies! ).


So we’ve seen so far what’s happened to Connorshu, Geronimo Johnson, Cold Case Kurtz and The Power of Chad;

The other High Priests are safe and sound as well, though we’ve not seen them for a while;

We also know of the Serpents of Chaos, a crime gang which may appear to have something to do with the missing relics;

The Loonies also have a crimelord, Bob (of the Culo Grandes Syndicate) captured for further questioning;

And finally, we have also been introduced to a new player in town, Knol...and a first look at one of the Agents of Chaos - Sobek, God of Crocodiles!

One of the relics has been spotted, but still no sign of Khonshu’s Sceptre….

Episode 7 will pick up where we left off with The Man on the Streets, Tommy, as he frequents the dives and gritty bars of the seedy downtown precinct. Does Tommy uncover the Sceptre’s whereabouts? Does he meet another Agent of Chaos? Or perhaps the God of Chaos, Set himself..?

You’ll have to tune in this episode to get the next chapter in our ongoing saga!


My pick of podcasts this week goes to friend of the show Scott Weatherly and his second podcast (some of you would recognise his name from his 20th Century Geek Podcast, which we've been affiliated with in the past), titled STORIES OUT OF TIME & SPACE.

Relatively new, this podcast covers reviews of epic Sci-Fi far they've covered Forbidden Planet and Solaris (the original)...well worth checking out!


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Another newsletter, and another week closer to the end of the year! Wow, what a year it's been...we're nearly there at the end...I hope you can stick around for it, and beyond!

Until next time....

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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