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ITK Newsletter, no. LXXXII: AVATARS OF VENGEANCE - Future Fight Vs. MK Pinball

Mar 26, 2019

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Loony Legion!

It's another week, which means it's another early newsletter hitting the cyber stands and into your eager hands! Khonshu has been divvying up the phases of the moon lately, and so we're  faced with another varied show for you this coming which we aren't entirely sure of, as yet!!.... Observe -




Yep, it's all about the games and off the back of the overview which we gave with the Rickball Special not that long ago (note: that would be our Episode 82, for those who are counting!) I reckon we can either look in depth at either Future Fight...or the Marvel Moon Knight Pinball game! OR we could pit the two games against each other and discuss both! Haven't really sorted it out with ConnorShu yet, but I reckon it will be either one of those, or a variation of one of those.

Hell, I might just put up a poll on Twitter and FB to see what you Loonies would be keen for! Actually, that sounds lie a right, royal cool idea!! Keep an eye out on our social media for a poll, and the results will basically be what you hear on the next episode!!

If you want to go further than the poll, and just write in to tell us what you'd like to hear on the next episode, you can reach us on ANY of the below social media platforms - please do drop us a line - we always love to hear from fellow Loonies...and we'll definitely give you a shout out on the show!!

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

Our channels will be also again for you to join us on the show as we record live, via our Discord Server! Below is the time and date that we will be on air as well as a variety of timezones - depending where you are, please consider dropping in to hear us live, and you can also send instant messages whilst we are on the show - we'll be able to respond to you immediately and give you a darn good shout out!!

ITK Virtual Recording Studio

Friday 29th March

9pm (GMT +11 hours) - Sydney

8pm (GMT +10 hours) - Brisbane

2am (GMT -8 hours) - Port Angeles / Los Angeles

10am (GMT +0 hours) - London

5am (GMT -5 hours) - New York

......OK, I'm pretty keen on getting this poll started, so I might keep this newsletter short, and get cracking...! Hope for you to join us on our show...please tune in and if you like what you hear, consider giving us an iTunes rating!!

OK, short but sweet...adios, muchachos...! Keep reading great comics, playing good games and watching great gear!! Catch you online or on the show!! :)

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective