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ITK Newsletter, no. LXXVIII: ISLA RA SESSIONS - High Priest of Khonshu Rey

Feb 20, 2019

What-the-where-now, Loonies?


It's your ever faithful High Priest Rey here, sending the Moon Knight love to you as I wear an MK shirt in bed typing this and hoping not to annoy Eef with my keyboard clicking!

This is a bit of a turn of events - last episode we mentioned that we in essence have a free pass to do whatever we want for the next upcoming episode, since the ISLA RA I've been working on has unfortunately still been left unfinished (won't reveal the guest - it's a Loony and it's a great interview - we've just not had time to finish it!).

After mulling it around with some fellow Loonies, and considering Geronimo's awesome suggestion of the Moon Knight/Shang Chi one-shot, a few of our beloved Loonies have asked that I be put in the hot seat and be asked my four favourite all-time books!



I want to stress that I haven't nominated to do a show on myself nor talk about my own faves -I jibber and jabber long enough on the show, I usually think listeners out there would not want to have to hear more than they need! But those awesome Loonies in the Loony Bin (you know who you are!) have urged me to set up an ISLA RA on myself, and I'm just so honoured that they showed an interest, so the least I can do it honour that!! (Of course, I'm chuffed to be talking about my four fave books too! :P)

My ever awesome Connor(Shu) will be there to have a good ol' chat with, and it's been a while since we headed over to Grant Mansion, so will be good to see what other rooms the mansion has to offer...

Haven't sprung it on him yet, but will also see if one of our Loony regular guests is keen to join in on the action! REmember - ITK is an inclusive community! If you are keen to come on the show, we will make it happen! :) Hit us up on messenger and we'll sort it out! :)

Seeing Samuels again will be fun as well as our popular 'on location' reviews of the books!  Previously , we've gone to the Antarctic, New York City, Punisher's safe house and deep space to name a few...let's see where these books take us next!

Rey's Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

(As always, we aren't giving anything away just yet! Be sure to listen to the episode, and check out the show notes if you want! That way, you can prep yourselves and read along with our chat...or, after listening to the show, use the show notes to refer you as to where to find them!)

We always love to hear from you too and although we can't really ask for any feedback on the issues we'll cover on the show (as it's a secret until the episode is released), it's still great to share the Moony love.

I know one Loony Anthony will be posting his MK collection to the group soon - he's mentioned it's probably one of the most complete collections in the world! This is just astounding and is exactly why we started this community - to share the beloved fandom we have for our boi!

We've been receiving great emails from Loonies too ( as mentioned in last week's episode) - we just love it, so keep them coming!

You can find us on any of the social platforms shown below - 

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

Finally, again as another beta test run, we'll be recording and will be in our virtual recording studio on the following date and time,

ITK Virtual Recording Studio

Friday 22nd February

9pm (GMT +11 hours)

If you are curious, head on into our ITK Discord Server where you can find us and hear us recording live (you'll even possibly be privy to chats which don't make it onto the show!)'ll also be able to send live messages whilst we are On Air...! Something different, and potentially a fun thing to do for our podcast!!

OK, I got to get to thinking as to what the hell my four books are!! A fun yet potentially overwhelming task! ......

I'm kinda glad we are still doing an ISLA RA - Khonshu will be happy and the cosmos will align again...I was worried by deviating away from the Phases of the Moon, we'd face teh unholy wrath of ol' K-Man!

Can't wait to chat all about it! Be good, test your strength this week as it's now a Full Moon (yeah, baby!!) and catch you on the weekend!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective