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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Feb 9, 2020

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High Priest of Khonshu Rey chats with friend, frontman and musician of band Deleter, Knol 'Loony Toonz' Tate for another romping episode full of hot takes and comic reviews!

Rey and Knol discuss the latest in geek news (not all Moon Knight related) as well as get into their review for - 




Written by Chuck Dixon

Pencils by Ed Barreto

Inks by Klaus Janson

It's another wild ride full of honest truths and merry mirth - don't miss out on this jam packed episode!


Written by High Priest of Khonshu Rey

A mysterious figure named Zaran breaks into and AIM facility and steals a biological weapon. Meanwhile Daredevil, Black Widow, Shang Chi and Dagger meet up to discuss their plan to take down the Punisher and end his reign of terror on New York City. The Punisher stealthily surveys the heroes, showing that he at least is one step ahead.

Zaran continues to cut a swathe through AIM facilities, and this time he gains access to a Biohazard chamber to steal more mysterious chemicals.

Shang-Chi has a mission of his own as he tries to help out a couple find their daughter, whilst Dagger also has other things to worry about, and enlists Black Widow to help her find Cloak, who has recently gone rogue.

Both Black Widow and Dagger are met by Nick Fury in Natscha’s apartment, whilst Daredevil runs into Moon Knight who wishes to join their group.

Zaran returns to his master (Shang-Chi’s father, Fu Manchu) offering the chemical agents to him, for his own dastardly plans.

Daredevil and Moon Knight continue to negotiate whilst Nick Fury questions Black Widow’s motives for joining the Marvel Knights. He reminds her that she still is on the SHIELD payroll. Dagger jumps at the opportunity to use SHIELD resources to find Cloak.

Whilst Cloak causes mayhem in the city, meting out his own justice, the Punisher catches wind of a designer drug run by Daddy Wronglegs over near the Manhattan bridge.

Upon investigation, Frank runs into Daddy Wronglegs, who appears to be a literal interpretation of his nickname.

Shang-Chi prepares to make leave of the family he tries to help before he gets ambushed by Zaran, who is sent there to kill him.

Zaran and Shang Chi battle which spills out on  the street and after some tense moments, Shang Chi proves the victor.

Moon Knight furthers his case to be a Marvel Knight by showing Daredevil, Black Widow and Dagger one of his buildings which he proposes to use as a headquarters. Daredevil reluctantly accepts the offer and a team is born.

Meanwhile, The Punisher battles the monstrous Daddy Wrong Legs and a horde of mutated addicts (victims no doubt to the designer drug which could only be the very same chemicals recently attained by Fu Manchu) before the FF intervene to save Frank and the day.

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Knol:  🌖 2.5 /10 - Crumb of a Moon

Rey: 🌖 4.5/10 - Half Moon






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