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Are you afraid of the dark?…Or are you Into the Knight?…

For Moon Knight fans, old and new! The HIGH PRIESTS OF KHONSHU Rey covers everything he can on the Moon’s Knight of Vengeance- latest news, rumours and wishes; current runs and classic arcs; spotlights on key characters; TV and film as well as video games and action figures!

Nothing left is sacred…except perhaps their reverence for Khonshu…come listen to the podcast or join Rey hemabd a rotating cast of co-hosts  social on media…let us be the voices in YOUR head!

Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Feb 25, 2018



We've got a double header of classic runs to review this issue, with the first ever team-up between Spider-man and our ol' Sheet Face -


Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-man, Vol. 1 issue #22

Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-man, Vol. 1 issue #23

 And of course, we have something a little...

OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXVIII: Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 1 issues #22 & #23

Feb 24, 2018


Hi Loonies!

OK, this may look a little familiar and you are by no means wrong! If you are a regular listener of the show, you'd probably know that we had to reshuffle our schedule a little bit and so last week we didn't cover the Spider-man issues, but instead proceeded to review Hulk Magazine #11 and Moon Knight...

Feb 18, 2018


This episode High Priest Rey flies solo into the abyss as he navigates his way through a handful of news and a couple of comic book reviews:

CLASSIC RUN: Hulk Magazine, Vol. 1 issue #11

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight, Vol. 5 issue #2

On the show we also have the talented Sean from Only the Valiant, lending us his...

OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXVII: Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 1 issues #22 & #23

Feb 15, 2018


Hello once again Loony readers!

This here is issue XXVII of OVER THE MOON and this week (and upcoming episode of the podcast), we'll be returning back to our Classic run! Yes, that's right - we continue the journey of following Moon Knight's appearances throughout comic history and these issues mark the very first...

Feb 12, 2018


The High Priests of Khonshu navigate through a sea of technical gremlins and ghoulies to bring to you a very important and fun review  - it's a Panel x Panel review of Huston's Vol.5 run, "The Bottom" released in 2006.

This has proven to be one of the most enduring Moon Knight runs, and Connor, Rebecca and...