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ITK Newsletter, no. XCVIII: LUNAR-PICK NEW COMIC REVIEW! - Arach-Knight Annual #1 (2019)

Jul 24, 2019

Hello Loony Readers!

Welcome back to our humble newsletter and again the gods have thrown a curve ball our way!

Contrary to what you may have heard on the last episode of the podcast, it has come to my attention that there is actually a CURRENT and NEW book of Moon Knight which we must review....




Well, OK - it's not the genuine, bonafide Moon Knight you all know and love, but the amalgam of Spider-man and Moon Knight who we previous saw and reviewed during the Infinity Warps event. 

This episode should also showcase the return of High Priest of Khonshu, Connorshu! Having been at war with the Gremlins for technical dominance (of which at one point, Connor's equipment had been decimated), Connorshu makes a timely return to review the latest and greatest of Moon Knight...!

It'll be a catch up of sorts, then a pin point accurate, clinical and highly professional review of the annual due for release on the day that I type this!



Image result for the signal of doom podcast

Alongside our comic book review, we'll also have a small segment and a special guest in Brian - host and producer of the Fantasy Comic League. As some of you know, we here at ITK have our own sanctioned division ( the #ITKMoonKnight 2019 Division) and we'll have Brian on the show to chat about our progress and how we think we'll end up at the end of the month! We'll also look at what this then means for the last month of the season, and maybe we can tease out some hints from Brian as to how we can make one final Fist of Khonshu push for dominance!


Yes! We are looking at conducting another competition for you dear Loonies! Don't know if you've seen, but we are fast hurtling towards 1000 members in our FB Group - crazy, huh?? I'm absolutely stoked at this, and so want to give you, the Loony readers and listeners a chance to win something. 

I reckon it will be a prize of an ITK shirt of your very own - just how we swing this competition, I've yet to finalise the details. Am thinking of somehow incorporating it towards making it an incentive to invite your friends to the group, in order for us to pass the 1K mark...the ITK Brains Trust have come up with a few ideas, so stay tuned on the upcoming episode to hear how you can win an ITK shirt for your very own!


And speaking of ITK shirts, a plug again for our new Store Front where you can also buy some ITK merchandise...please consider and show off your purchase in our ITK Community! - 

ITK Store Front @ TeePublic


Finally, make sure to have a good read of the annual and let us know your thoughts on the issue! I'll post up a thread on the FB Page, Group and on Twitter....and Instagram - so we'd love to hear from you and will discuss your thoughts (good or bad!) on the show - 

I'm in the middle of reading Parts 1-3 of the Secret warps annuals, and let me tell you it has been pleasantly entertaining and better than I thought. Would love to know how you see this event going (Loony Phil even mentioned that it's almost like an 'Acts of Evil' or 'Acts of Vengeance' within this Warps Multiverse itself...) and how you find Arach-Knight depicted...are you a fan of Spidey as well?...want more of the Moony intensity shown in Arach-Knight? Let us know!


That's it for this here newsletter - big thanks again for all the Loonies who have either joined the FB Group and Page, who listen to the show - or who are part of both! Although there was a little disappointment with not hearing any Moon Knight news at the San Diego Comic Con this year, it's still great that there are so many fas of the comic out there and that we are all vocal and supporting each other - let's keep at it and keep the Moon Knight fire burning!!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective