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ITK Newsletter, no. LXXXII: ISLA RA SESSIONS - The Power Chad !!

Mar 19, 2019


Hey there Loony Listeners, it's that time again when you get this here little newsletter to keep you up to date with what we have in store for the next instalment of Into the Knight!

Off the back of a quite fun episode last week, talking about Moon Knight in action figure form, High Priest Connor(Shu) announced the next phase to be an ISLA RA Sessions! ...And you better believe it, baby - we've got another one for you!



As Connor also mentioned, we have lovingly pre-recorded this with The Power of Chad, so there's only a bit of editing to do now before it's all good to go and is ready for your hot little ears...

It was so much fun to have Chad on the show again and to chat with him to get to know him more. As we've said previously, part of the reason why we do the ISLA RA Sessions (Yep, I'm trying to create something like the John Peel Sessions! ) is to get to know each other more - you'll get to see what makes Chad tick, how he got into comics and of course how he got into Moon Knight!

Alongside that, of course is delving into his top 4 books - 4 single issues he could not live without if he were stranded on the Isla Ra, with the Sun King hunting him down, and the sharks nipping at his heels (er...when he's in the water)....

Chad's Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

As always, we aren't giving anything away! Below you'll find encrypted links to Chad's books. These will be in the show nots as well, but if you want to prepare for the show and discover what books Chad has chosen - and read them ahead of our discussion - then look no further than below - 


  1. Chad's Top Pick
  2. Chad's 2nd Pick
  3. Chad's 3rd Pick
  4. Chad's 4th Pick

I myself, love being surprised by the books chosen. It's a bit different for me, as I need to prep for the show, but I can imagine if I were a listener, I'd wait for the surprise and then go hunt down the books to read after listening to the any case, however you'd like to tackle it...the ISLA RA Sessions are always alot of fun!

I'd again like to take the opportunity to thank all the dedicated Loony Listeners out there who are still listening to us, and those who either love to just quietly immerse themselves int he ITK community, or those who love to let their voice heard! We are getting some more requests for ISLA RA Sessions, so there'll be no shortage of getting to know your fellow Loony, and that's just so grand...makes Connor(Shu) and I just so chuffed to bits!!

As mentioned before, we like to shake things up, so the KHONSHU's IDOLS last episode was just the beginning...of course alot of it has to do with the Phases of the Moon, but if there's a not so common Phase which hovers around the Friday evening mark, then we'll grab that and deem it the phase of the that it opens up for alot more variety, whilst still staying true to Khonshu (don't strike me down again, oh Mighty One!!)

So, we've got a Spotlight coming up ahead, more MOON & STARS goodness; and even more AVATARS of VENGEANCE where we'll need to find another video game with Moony in there to review (I thinkn it's still too early for Ultimate Alliance I'm voting for the pinball game!!)

You can find us on any of the social platforms shown below - 

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

Finally, since we've pre-recorded the show already, we aren't able to give a proper shout out on the show until the following episode, so I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to Loony James Young from Chicago!

James has been emailing us and he did the most awesome thing that Connor and I didn't expect...he sent us MK badges!! So bloody cool - thank you so much James, and our Episode 91 (the episode after this upcoming one), we'll be sure to give you a darn good proper shouting out!! Below is a picture of the badge already proudly amongst my collection of other pins on my bag; one for Connor, and James' letter and business card of LCS Dark Tower Comics (of which we'll also give a huge shoutout!!)

Anyhoo, that's probably it for now - be good, keep reading, buying, sharing, drawing, writing and singing about our Fist of Khonshu!!

Under Khonshu's Eye, or more commonly as we say.....

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective