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ITK Newsletter, no. LXIX: Moon Knight Vol. 7 #5

Dec 6, 2018



A bit of a bait and switch there for you - hope you don't mind! But for those who aren't aware, we had advertised a review of the final chapter to INFINITY WARPS: ARACH-KNIGHT #2....but it never happened!

Instead, we thrust upon you a classic review (as was demanded by Khonshu with the Waning Crescent of the Moon) and kickstarted our review of the seminal Doug Moench Moon Knight Volume 1 run!

Fear not, however!

This Friday heralds in a New Moon in the night sky, so that means we are bound to release a 'Spotlight' episode, and waht better issue to 'spotlight' than theINFINITY WARPS: ARACH-KNIGHT #2!

So Friday we'll drop our episode which guest stars one-third of the Defenders TV Podcast crew, Chris Jones. Both Chris and I have a good ol' yarn about the issue and Chris certainly brings in his Spidey perspective on the issue... it's a cracker of an episode!

This weekend, we'll be recording another episode and since the Moon turns into a Waxing Crescent, we'll be looking at a modern run review - one which I'm sure you are all familiar with - 




It's another Warren Ellis / Declan Shalvey issue which has proven so popular with the Loonies (at least here in the community)...

As mentioned on the show, we actually HAVE reviewed this very issue in our Episode 51 ISLA RA SESSIONS with Loony Familiar, Josh 'Geronimo' Johnson...but considering our good ol' (or young!) Connor-Shu would love to talk about it, we thought we'd do it again and so give it a double dose... I've said many times before that it is one of - if not THE - favourite Moon Knight issue definitely worth checking out!

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Alright, time to get reading in prep for the so behind with my current pull list at the moment...but there's plenty of good comics regardless...old or new!!

Catch you around!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


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