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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

ITK Newsletter, no. CII: PUNISHER AMBUSH! Punisher Annual Vol. 1, Issue #2

Aug 21, 2019

Loony Readers, Listeners and everything in-between!

It's your vessel from the almighty Khonshu, funnelling to you all the weekly Moon Knight and Into the Knight news for your perusal and ultimate acceptance..!

As you can tell by the awkward and unusual title of this newsletter, our show will be randomly ambushed by a Punisher related issue - 



Why, I hear you ask?....Well, technically it's because I have a very entertaining and intelligent guest this coming week in the form of Orion Petitclerc (some of you will know him from the fellow Collective podcast, 'We Are Venomaniacs!', whilst others of you would have recently heard Orion on the Last Sons of Krypton podcast, alongside Connor El and myself, talking all things Spectre!) and he's requested a review of this very memorable Punisher/Moon Knight clash!

It's literally been decades since I've read this (I have a copy of it somewhere in a filing cabinet at my folks' place) but I'm looking forward to re-reading this and seeing how Moon Knight fares against ol' world-weary Frank...they've always had an interesting relationship (of which is most recently seen in the Matt Rosenberg run of the Punisher, re: Vol. 12, issues #14-15) so no doubt Orion and I will have plenty to say about it!


I'm quite eager to post a discussion thread about this and I'll be pushing for comments from you, my fellow dear Loonies! Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty to comment on, so please do not hesitate to pick up your pens (figuratively speaking) and write into us with your thoughts and points of discussion you'd like to hear on the show!

I'll leave this as a stock standard blurb from now on, for all discussion the links and read the italics below for some pointers in getting your thoughts in!

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

If you aren't really a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram person, you can always reach us on any of the other platforms below - 

We love hearing from you and typically your comments generate thought provoking discussion on the show and allows us to dive deeper into the issues - don't hesitate to give it a go!


Yeah, this one I've been thinking about - you know how I always love to find ways to involve our ITK community on the show, so I thought I'd pursue this idea - 

A few episodes ago, I kinda did an overview of some of the posts some Loonies posted up on the ITK Community (mostly from our Facebook Group, but I keep an eye out on all the platforms...). I thought it would be fun to at least shout out some posts from Loonies, and if worth discussing, then will mention on the show.

I'd like to acknowledge and thank fellow Loony Austin Brackett for supplying the name of this segment - keep your ears out for this - there are a few shoutouts to posts from Loonies which I'll share this coming episode...and maybe even a plug again for our Discord Server, as a fair few of us had a right ol' time chatting there with a new Loony...Anyway, all to be shouted out on next episode! :)


Finally, the second part to the Two-Part Predator Retrospective should be up sometime today (Wednesday) from the 20th Century Geek Podcast. Host Scott was kind enough to invite myself and Dave from the Signal of Doom Podcast again to chat about the remaining Predator films of the franchise as well as broadly speaking of the 'Predator Vs. ....' comics released in the past. I have to tell you, that I've never had such an enjoyable and immersive conversation as I had with these blokes...I totally forgot the time, and the Predator fanboy in me had my eyes lit up from beginning to end! Highly recommend you give this a go if you are a seasoned fan or a curious Loony wanting to know what this Predator thing is all about!

That's pretty much it for this newsletter, Loonies! There's a little mention to our online store yet again at the bottom of the newsletter. Be sure to check it out... for a limited time, all items are like 35% off, so it's a good time to cash in on some ITK merchandise!

Hahaha, enough of the salesman in me... be good to one another, and thanks for being part of our community!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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