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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

May 7, 2020

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High Priest Rey is joined by first time guest, Austen Sprake of Trashed Talk Podcast, to chat about drinking, film making, watching good movies and the time when Deadpool took on Moon Knight!

PHASE OF THE MOON: Waxing Gibbous


Vengeance of the Moon Knight Vol. 1, issues #7-8


Released June 2010

Writer - Gregg Hurwitz

Penciler - Tan Eng Huat

Inker - Tan Eng Huat

Colourist - Dan Brown

Letterer - VC Joe Caramagna(7), Tan Eng Huat(8)

Editor - Axel Alonso


(courtesy of Wiki)

One night, Marc receives intel that a hospital has set off their panic alarm as a suspicious person has entered. Marc quickly takes off. When Moon Knight arrives, a pizza slice is left at the door, the patients are alive, and the staff has been rendered unconscious. When Marc knocks down the last door, Deadpool is hanging over a body looking to kill a comatose person. Marc throws a dart and the two battle in the room. Deadpool tries to explain that he is on a job to kill the only patient with his own security, but Moon Knight fights him away.

When Marc returns to his lair, he looks up the comatose patient. Herman Goncharenko, a property developing mogul responsible for displacing families and kidnapping children to force families to sell their land to him, was Deadpool’s hit. Marc feels guilty for his interference as he believes Deadpool may have been right. Across town, Deadpool visits his employer, a mother of a kidnapped boy from Herman’s henchmen, is still without her son. Clarissa wants blood.

Moon Knight later finds Deadpool; he won’t let him murder Herman, but he too wants to find the kid. The two go their separate ways as Deadpool taunts Moon Knight to give into his urges. Marc receives word that one of Herman’s shell companies owns an abandoned apartment. There, the henchmen are seen holding the child in a cage as Moon Knight lurks behind them...

A battle erupts and Moon Knight takes out the henchmen. Just as the leader surrenders, Moon Knight is ready to brutally harm him but the child watches on. Marc instead renders the man unconscious and frees the child from the cage. Authorities arrive and take the child to the hospital and apprehend the henchmen. As Moon Knight looks upon from a distant roof, Deadpool kicks him off. They take their battle to a carnival in a local park as Deadpool is disappointed in Marc; Goncharenko and his men have been known to kill children but Moon Knight is still on his righteous path. Marc, learning of Wilson’s healing factor, decides to brutally chop him up in order to stop Deadpool.

That evening, Marc comes to a fever dream about Clarissa and quickly rushes to the hospital. Following a nurse in scrubs, she walks past security and guards to Goncharenko’s room... it is Clarissa since Deadpool never finished the job. Clarissa take out a syringe full of cyanide. Confessing to Herman the pain he has caused her, she releases the cyanide into his IV drip. Just outside Herman’s window, Moon Knight stands hovering as he has witnessed everything and reframed from acting.

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Rey:  🌖  7/10 - Waning Gibbous

Austen:  🌖  7.5/10 - Last Quarter






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