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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Jan 24, 2020

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High Priest of Khonshu Rey makes like Moon Knight and goes lone wolf on this one!

Bursting at the seams to review the latest appearance of Moon Knight in comics, Rey takes you through the final issue of the 4-part mini:


Conan: Serpent War #4

Published 22nd January,  2020

Written by Jim Zub

Art by IG Guara, Vanesa Del Rey

Colourist, Frank D’Armata

Letters, VC Travis Lanham

Editor Mark Basso


(Written and Narrated by Rey)

It’s revealed that Niord, one of James’ Allison’s incarnations, waged battle with the Wyrm… an extradimensional entity born to wreak havoc on humanity and our world.

Khonshu and Set form an alliance and after pulling Moon Knight and Conan onto his plain, Khonshu instructs the two that with Set’s help, they are to seek out and destroy the Wyrm. Khonshu seemingly controls Set too, keeping the God of Chaos on a leash until their victory is secured.

Satynne, who only moments ago battled Conan, is obliged to aid Conan’s mortal wound, under the instruction of Set. She reverses the poison which she inflicted on the Barbarian and pledges to aid them in destroying their common enemy.

Moon Knight, Conan, Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane and Satynne (a zealot of Set) band together to attack the Wyrm in our reality, whilst Khonshu battles to contain the Wyrm on his plain of existence.

The Wyrm is defeated and Conan is left with the dying Satynne to ponder both of their faiths. Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane and Moon Knight are all returned to their own time, and each resume their lives and their heroism. 

Khonshu frees Set from his hold and the two gods discuss their role in the universe - Khonshu for balance; Set for betrayal. 

Marc Spector, upon returning to Earth and present day, also appears to still have Khonshu’s presence lingering - Spector is imbued with power from the God of the Moon, and he vexes whether this will change the course of  his life…

Elsewhere, the Wyrm lives on, and is seen in the form of a Crown, which is presented to Kull the Conqueror from Jamus of Lemuria as a gift and a promise of an alliance...which does not bode well for events to come...

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Rey:  🌖 - 7/10 - Solid Round Boi






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