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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Sep 13, 2019

Moon Knight Vol 6 1


The High Priests are joined by Tommy and Chad to take a look at the recently released Moon Knight Annual, featured as part of Acts of Evil, and pitting our White Night against Kang the Conqueror!




Released September 2019

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Ibrahim Moustafa & Matt Horak

Colour by Mike Spicer

Letters by VC's Joe Sabino

Editor, Lauren Amaro

BARE BONES (SYNOPSIS) - written by Rey and Tommy

Kang the Conqueror goes head to head with Khonshu’s faithful -- a devoted collective that have usurped Kang’s powers to bend time with three relics of immortal power. Though Kang is able to reshape reality with his vast power over time, Khonshu’s Avatars are left as the anomalies in each and every timeline, and they become the only force able to stop Kang and his plan for domination.

Marc Spector, the Moon Knight and Avatar of Vengeance of our time and space, soon finds himself embroiled in the eternal and ever-repeating battle between Khonshu and Kang. Khonshu, a father-figure of Kang, feels the need to reprimand Kang for seeking the totems stolen from his temple. Since Khonshu opposes Kang, Marc is able to seek out and enter time rifts in order to foil Kang’s plan and to stop him gaining the totems.

Kang claims the Ankh which allows him to control time, but Marc soon nabs the Scarab, which allows him to cut through time uncontrollably.

Battles rage from the wild west, to ancient Rome, 18th Century Boston, 1920’s Chicago, 19th Century London, Pirates of the 18th Century, the far flung future and even 4000 BC Mesopotamia.

What seems to be the Moon Knight Prime sits atop a hill with the Scepter..the final Totem of Kang’s. Kang and Moon Knight arrive and in the melee, Moon Knight manages to grab the Scepter, linking the three totems together and for a split second, he has the power. All the Moon Knights from every time line is summoned and Kang is defeated.

Moon Knight Prime claims the three totems and after banishing Kang, she departs too, protecting the totems in a dimension void of time.

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Chad:  🌖 - 8/10

Connorshu: 🌖 - 8/10

Rey:  🌖 - 7.5/10

Tommy: 🌖 - 8/10

It doesn't stop there - we have another episode in our ongoing serial, THE HUNT FOR KHONSHU'S GOLDEN SCEPTRE, and experience the thrills as the Loonies embark on a quest that sees the fate of the podcast in their very hands!

Pump up the volume on this one....this one's going to SOAR!





Music Written, Performed and generously provided by Deleter:

ITK Logo Graphic Design by The High Priests of Khonshu

ITK Graphic Design produced and assisted by Randolph Benoit: 

Proud Member of The Collective

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