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Are you afraid of the dark?…Or are you Into the Knight?…

For Moon Knight fans, old and new! The HIGH PRIESTS OF KHONSHU Rey covers everything he can on the Moon’s Knight of Vengeance- latest news, rumours and wishes; current runs and classic arcs; spotlights on key characters; TV and film as well as video games and action figures!

Nothing left is sacred…except perhaps their reverence for Khonshu…come listen to the podcast or join Rey hemabd a rotating cast of co-hosts  social on media…let us be the voices in YOUR head!

Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

(Artwork courtesy of Wayne Hunt)


We are here, Loonies - we made it to the triple digits!

This episode is a MASSIVE celebration for the journey we have taken so far, and it's also a love letter to all you Loonies out there!

The Spoiler Embargo is still in effect (we'll drop it after a few days of release of the episode), so there aren't any reveals of the TITANIC surprises we have in store!

All we can divulge is that this episode is our longest yet - so we do suggest you take it in chunks - and you'll just have to wait and hear what this episode contains!!



A huge thank you to Mr. JM DeMatteis for joining us on the show:

A massive thank you to Mr. Greg Smallwood for giving up his time for the show:

A colossal thank you to Mr. Doug Moench for giving up his time for the show:

A GIANT thank you to the Loony Community - you peeps have made the journey so far so enjoyable. A huge bit of Khonshu love to you all!

From the High Priests of Khonshu, a very special thanks to the following Loonies, who contributed and featured on this episode: 




Music Written, Performed and generously provided by Deleter:

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